“Noah Sanders, here for the job interview.①”       “Please take a seat. Mr Weinstein will see you next.”        “The job interviews, huh? Never Fun.”        “Okay, just, I get it. Stay focused.”         “Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. cool, cool, cool.”       “Oh…that’ s a big laugh.”         “Oh no!”         “I did it.”        “No, you didn’t.”         “Hahahahahahahhahahahahah—-”       “Jeez.  Is this a job interview or Carol Burnett Show, you know what I mean?”         “hahahahahaha”         “Oh, sir, sir, sir.”            “That is too rich. Thanks for coming in, Mr. Adam.”         “You better stay away from Chinese food② there.”       “Oh my God, you got that right. That’s done…It’s done a number on my stomach.”         “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,”        “Here is a fortune, You are gonna be sick in a half an hour, sir.”        “Oh my gosh, what’s been an absolute delight, Adam.”        “It’s been great. And can I tell you something, real quick?”        “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”         “I don’t care if I get this job. Becaue I know I’ve made a friend for life. ”        “What a terrfic attitude. What a great goddamn attitude. ”        ” Yeah.”        “You son of a gun.”        “You know what? Right quick before you leave, I wanna give you something.”       “No, sir, I can’ take any more gift. The whole thing has been a gift.”        “My brother passed away 21 years ago.③ We were estranged, and he became ill, and he gave this to me as a peace offering. And one day, we were on the ocean. He fell overboard, on a boat very much like this one and died. I saw him struglling all the way down as a reptile pulled him down. ”         ” That bithc ocean!”         “Would you please accept this as a token of my gratitude for you bringing back joy into my life. ”       “Under any circumstance, I refuse. But I will accept this gift today. Because I know how much it means to you.”        “Thank you. ”        “Ahoy matey.”       “hahahhahaha —- ahoy matey—hahahhahahaa.”        “hahahahahahahaha.”        “Are you hearing any of this? This guy, how do you keep a straight face all day?”         “hahahahahahaha”          “She is sweet, isn’t she sweet?”       “Sweeter than pie.”       “Goddamn, I love your fucking energy.”       “Well, what can I say, sir? I am solarpowered!”  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah”        “You like, Really? You like that one, huh?”        “Oh, thank you so much Adam, terrific. The best interview I’v been in part of in my entire life.”         “Ok. Who is next?”        “You? Ready, let’s go, chop, chop. Here we go. ”           ” Come on, let’s go.”               “Okay, ho0-hoo, hoo-hoo, Requesting a permission to come on board, sir. Hi, Noah Sanders is name. ugh, sorry to hear about your brother, may be we could get some Chinese food after this?”              “Alright, take it easy, take it easy. Jeez, settle down, turbo. “




Question 1 : Why did Mr. Sandaners visit Mr. Weinstein? Answer by 2 words. (Sanders氏は何の目的でWeinstein氏を訪問しましたか?2語で答えましょう。)


下線部①より、”here for the job interview” ( 就職面接に来ました。)と有りますので就職面接に当たるjob interviewが正解となります。


Qustion 2 : What kind of food was Mr. Weinstein supposed to have eaten? Answer by 2 words. (Weinstein氏は何の種類の食べ物を食べたと思われますか?2語で答えましょう。)


下線部②より、”You better stay away from Chinese food” ( 中国料理は避けた方がいいよ。)と有りますのでChinese foodが正解となります。


Quesion 3 : How many years ago did Mr. Weinstein’s brother die?(何年前にWeinsten氏の兄(弟)は亡くなりましたか?)


下線部③より、”My brother passed away 21 years ago” ( 兄(弟)は21年前に死にました。)と有りますので21 years agoが正解となります。








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